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Sarplaninac Dogs

Ferocious. Intelligent. Fearless. 

This majestic mountainous breed was named for the Šar Mountains or Šar Planina range in the Balkans, where it is principally found. They are a traditional livestock guardian breed known for fighting off lynxes, wolves and bears. Shars are actually one of the oldest native breeds in the world; developed from ancient Molosser breeds.

We chose this breed due to its natural guarding instincts, protective tendencies, courageousness in the face of danger, adaptability to extreme temps, and because we could get dogs from lines that have been well preserved.

This breed requires a firm and consistent hand when training, they are wary of strangers, but very gentle with their family. As far as LGD intensity goes, Shars are pretty close to the top of the scale, and not for inexperienced owners.

Average life expectancy is 11-13 years.

Females typically weigh between 66-88 lbs, with males weighing between 77-99 lbs. That being said, however; most Sarplaninacs I have come across weigh at least 100 lbs at full maturity.

"Grazerie's Nora"

nora in snow.jpg
nora in wip roundpen.jpg

Nora was born March 1st, 2019 and was bred by "Grazerie", a ranch owned by Louise Liebenberg and her family. 
Nora is out of "Grazerie's Mali" and sired by "Brodec Mountain Kushi". She is an iron grey sable UKC registered Sarplaninac.

She possesses great guarding abilities, courageousness, bravery, and is very alert. She has scared away bears, coyotes, hawks among other beasts. She is wary of strangers, but very loving with her family. 
Nora has been an amazing addition to our ranch!

Nora is DNA tested through Embark and has had hips and elbows xrayed through OFA. 

Embark Results Link 

noras elbow xrays.jpg
noras hip xrays.jpg

"Shars and Sheep Rune"


Rune was born January 1st, 2022, and was bred by Shars and Sheep (Jacquie & Rod Turuk) from Rocky Mountain House, AB

Rune is a UKC registered Sarplaninac out of "Shars and Sheep Siva" and by "Brko Gorski Vuk". 

He is calm and loveable with his people and still alert to his surroundings without going overboard. This giant lover boy has proven to be a great guardian dog.

Rune is DNA tested through Embark and has had hips and elbows X-rayed through OFA.

Embark Results Link


Runes OFA Elbows.jpg
Runes OFA Hips.jpg
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