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  • Do you feed organic?
    No. Our animals are fed an all natural diet, which means all the ingredients of their feed are found in nature. Organic feed is incredibly expensive and hard to source in our area so we have had to make the decision to abandon this currently. Our higher expense would have to be passed onto the consumer to make it worthwhile and we dont believe that is appropriate at this time. We do feed our pigs human-grade locally sourced grains, however. They also have access to hay in the winter and pasture in the summer.
  • How do we order?
    The best way to get ahold of me is through our Facebook page as I check that most often and receive notifications, plus it's easy for me to keep track of if I need to get ahold of you. You can also email us or text/call. Contact info is at the bottom of every webpage. Everything is on a first come, first serve basis and we require a non-refundable deposit for most things, no exceptions.
  • How do we know if chicks/eggs are available?
    Best way is to check our Facebook page or message me directly. When I have enough stock to warrant putting it on the website I will do so.
  • How do you sell the pork?
    We first take pre-orders and deposits on butcher pigs around February so we know how many pigs to hold back to raise to butcher weight. We sell pork based on price per hanging weight. Currently we only sell whole or half pigs, and buyer is responsible for picking up their meat at the butcher directly. One day when we have more freezer room we hope to offer individual cuts or on-farm pickup.
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