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What makes Burnt River Ranch pork better than the grocery store?

They are raised in our own version of "Hog Heaven". We don't feed our pigs garbage, and we don't keep them in tiny areas on concrete floors, never to see the light of day! They are pastured on lush grass and forest, living the most natural stress-free life possible.

We also raise strictly Heritage breed hogs that can withstand our climate. We primarily use Berkshire, Hereford, Duroc and Hampshire in our program.

Our pigs are still fast, efficient growers but without sacrificing meat quality or ethics. They get to spend their time doing pig things; playing together, rooting in fresh soil, eating grass and other forages. When they've had their fun and fill of one spot, they're moved to another. This also helps with parasite control and prevents over-grazing or harming the land. 

Pasture-raised pork just tastes better. They still get human-grade grains from local farmers as a supplement to their natural diet, but having the addition of the grass, forage, soil etc. really makes a big difference in the end when they get to your plate. The ability to navigate different terrains and get lots of exercise also helps the meat develop a beautifully unique flavour!

Our weaner pigs that come out of our breeding program possess the same great qualities to thrive in an operation similar to ours, if you're looking to raise your own. Our sows and boars are on a consistent vaccination and deworming schedule, as well as fed a high quality grain ration to give your piglets the best start in life.


Please see our Price List for current prices on weaners and butcher pigs.

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