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First Gen Farmers, But Not Really

Our farm is deeply rooted by the farmers that came before us. But, they came upon some bad luck and hard times and no longer had a farm to hand down to us, so here we are, starting over from scratch. Literally.
When we got our ranch it was plain dirt. Overgrown trees. Old fencing that needed removed.
We started with nothing. 
Everything we have, we had to work for. Kind of like our ancestors.

We often live by the motto, "Make do, or do without."
People thought we were nuts to pursue this path, but it's all we ever wanted and it's what we continue to sacrifice for.

When nobody believed in us, we had to believe in ourselves.
We hope you enjoy following along in our journey.


Homesteading is our passion.

We follow the traditional farming practices handed down to us from our grandparents, while also implementing new ideas and technologies

Our ranch is situated in northern Alberta, inside the beautiful Saddle Hills County, approx 1 hour North of Grande Prairie.

Our mission is to provide our local community with ethically-raised products from our farm; free-range eggs and, grass-fed pork & poultry. 

In the near future, we hope to begin offering UKC registered Sarplaninac LGD's, and registered Haflinger and 1/2 Haflinger horses.

We also enjoy educating the public about what we are doing with our YouTube channel and other social media pages.


Pastured Poultry & Pork

We are big believers in allowing all of our animals to live the most natural lifestyle possible.
In the summer months, our poultry and pigs are rotationally grazed in both the pasture and the forest while being supplemented with grain. They live a stress-free life while they enjoy exploring, scratching or rooting for insects, roots, forage etc.
This also helps to reduce parasite loads and helps to prevent manure build-up or over-grazing, while naturally fertilizing the soil around the farm.

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